12 Rules For Weight Loss #Resolution

weight loss goals

When you make the decision to lose weight there are certain things that you will need to do to be successful. Follow these rules EVERY DAY and you will be happy with how you feel and what you see in the mirror. Remember, consistency is the key!

1. Eat within 1 hour of getting out of bed in the morning. Eating breakfast fuels your metabolism for the day.

2. Eat a mix of proteins and carbohydrates each time you eat. Don’t eat carbs by themselves.

3. Eat the same average amount of calories every 3-4 hours. Take your calorie goal for the day and divide it by the number of times you will eat during the day…4-6 times for most people. Don’t eat all of your calories in one or two meals.

4. Eat a serving of veggies 3-4 times per day and a serving of fruit 1-2 times per day. The fiber helps keep you feeling full.

5. Don’t eat starchy carbs 5 hours before you go to bed. Focus on eating protein and veggies at the end of the day when your activity level is lower.

6. Avoid all processed foods. If there are more than 5 ingredients listed on the package, don’t eat it. If you can’t pronounce any of the ingredients listed, don’t eat it. If it was made in a laboratory and not by the earth, don’t eat it.

7. Drink 1 gallon of water per day…12 ounces every hour. Replace all of your regular calorie laden drinks with water.

8. Don’t drink alcohol!

9. Record your daily calorie intake. You have to know how many calories you are eating to stick to a calorie goal for weight loss. Knowledge is power!

10. Plan and prepare meals in advance. Don’t just wing it or you’ll regularly end up in situations where the only choice is a bad one. Have food prepared and pack it with you.

11. Schedule cardio workouts for the same time every day. It will turn into a habit before you know it!

12. Schedule 1 reward meal per week. A splurge one time per week is good for your weight loss as long as you are consistent the rest of the week! You’re less likely to cheat and feel deprived if you know one is coming.


Holly has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, has been certified through ACSM as a Health/Fitness Instructor and has been working in the wellness industry for over 15 years. 208.661.2220 holly@northidahowellness.com

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