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Most people have moments that shaped their life forever, which set them on a journey that took them places they never knew they would go. For me, it was when I looked down at the clumps of hair that wove through my fingers – my hair was falling out. In that moment, my heart sank, and a wave a fear rolled over me, as 10 years in hairdressing I knew this was an affliction not easily alleviated. By the time I met my naturopath, I had 83 symptoms in all, among them were pre-diabetes, severe weakness and exhaustion, malnutrition and weight loss. I was 24 years old and felt as though I was falling apart. This began a journey that redefined everything I knew: my health, beauty, and life; a journey that would take me through stacks of books, hours of interviews, and a series of experts; a journey that inspired a vision, out of which K Salon was born.

The journey’s reward was my health gained, and an accumulation of knowledge that would help not only myself, but those around me; knowledge that opened my eyes to surprisingly simple insights that carried profound implications. As I sifted through hundreds of studies about common carcinogenic chemicals, one thing became clear: thousands of toxic chemicals, many of which have been banned in other countries, lurked in almost every beauty product on the market. To my surprise, some of the most toxic concoctions were actually found in baby products. In this an even more startling realization emerged, that even conventional “organic” alternatives were compromised by corporate conglomerates. The subtle sellouts that happened overnight made trust a momentary and always shifting enterprise; even reputable high-end organic product lines were susceptible to toxic chemical formulations that I was now so tirelessly trying to abandon.

Through this struggle, I continued to amass the knowledge that would fuel a growing passion, to share this information with anyone in need, helping friends, family members and acquaintances, raising their awareness to the reality of what it meant to be truly organic and how to live a health-giving lifestyle.


Later on, I embraced the reality, that there needed to be a place that facilitated this information. It seemed almost serendipitous, that the toxic industry I had worked in for so long was now the perfect place for such an undertaking. What I envisioned was not a salon of gossip and weekend news, but a salon that would be a resource for clients – peeling back the layers of misinformation, to expose a deeper truth of what it meant to really live well. In these few short years, I’ve had the fortunate experience to have reached many people. The biggest reward is helping others to face their health struggles and to encourage the healthy remain so. Everyday, K Salon does this; never compromising beauty for health, or health for beauty.

Written by Malina Rogers | Photo by Alan Plemmons


Monica Lang | Publisher Raised in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. | Has worked in the design and magazine industry for over 12 years | Loves a good cardio workout | Has a passion for helping those looking to make positive life changes | Enjoys time with her family, boating, hiking, kickboxing & golfing.

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