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WITH Performance is Coeur d’Alene’s non-gym. It has the feeling of a really nice hotel when you walk in, you’re always greeted by name, and if you’re going to go you should expect something different than you’ll get most everywhere else – real live actual results. *gasp*.

Results are something we’re not accustom to when, typically, we are simply turned loose in a room full of machines that look like they were meant to manufacture a car. And maybe they are. Who knows. I’ve had that experience quite a few times and have completely and utterly avoided the machines – not wishing to have an unwanted muffler somehow added to my being. Or worse, injury, lots of work, no results and continued frustration over a lack of progress for something that is personally important to me. While some may have the body and option to have a few extra mufflers installed, most don’t and would rather have a better understanding of how the body works, what to do to make it stronger, lighter and more flexible, and do that in a smart, reasonable amount of time with a low risk of injury.

Bryan Vila, Researcher at the WSU Human Performance Center, describes his experience with gyms and goals this way. “I’m a scientist. I rely on empirical facts and evidence as proof of results. So now, 4 weeks into training at WITH Performance when I feel myself standing and moving with greater range and stability, I’m more flexible and my endurance is increasing, I’m thrilled!” Says the 67 year old.

“The one thing I never liked about traditional gyms is that you feel like you have to lose weight just in order to walk in there to lose weight. I see lots of people at WITH who are very fit and that’s been there life, but also other body types and ages. One person I see regularly has an extra 100 lbs, others are older, much older, and the system WITH has worked out helps all of us figure out how to get fit , stay fit, and does not throw you into a cookie cutter system that fails a lot of the time.”

WITH Performance works within the EXOS method of conditioning. It builds the body up from the inside out – working on Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery – the core of their whole body regimen. It’s not only personalized to you specifically, but it takes your workout a step further by programming their technology with your exact, personalized workout prescription. It’s efficient, it knows where you’re at in your goal cycle, and when coupled with one of their trainers (who are at your side) it’s hard to miss a goal, do something wrong, and it lowers risk considerably.

Melanie, a working mom of 2, 5, 9, and 11 yr olds decided to take up triathlons. “Shawn taught me to swim at age 36” she says with a laugh. She’d been racing for a while but felt like she had “plateaued” and needed a better understanding of how to get to her next level of achievement.

“WITH is unlike anything I had ever seen or used before. It’s very tailored to me and I felt very comfortable working with the trainers.”

Melanie was able to quickly shave 2 minutes off her 5k time by learning better running mechanics, and has since improved her triathlon swim times as well.

“After they ensure you’re properly warmed up they then mix up the routine by giving you fun workouts that are out of the norm, like running up and down stairs or other ‘non gym’ activities that get you moving better, mechanically speaking.”

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Tech Meets Human

The CPro system is very unique, efficient and prescriptive.  It provides members with individualized training protocols based on in-depth performance evaluations prior to their first training, and then monitors their progress to ensure continuous gains. If it sounds like a lot, it’s actually not so bad. A certified trainer walks you through a *very* thorough evaluation of your fitness level and goals, that data gets plugged into a computer, a few physical tests are administered, and voila! The training is simplistic, exact and matches you perfectly. And according to members, the results speak for themselves.

“I’ve never experience such quick results” said Bryan Vila. “After being a cop for 17 years and being fit my entire life – this has giving me not only quick results, but results that make me believe I can achieve a new fitness level that I would not have thought possible before. I don’t feel embarrassed about going to the gym – these people are on your side every day, they know their business and they pay attention to science. I feel great about that.”

WITH Performance is located in Riverstone at 1950 Bellerive Lane Suite 106-A , directly across from LePeep. Contact Shawn Burke to learn more about their training systems. (208) 660-9378

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