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Essential oils have positively changed my life; from the medicines I use to the cleaners I have for my house and business.

Two years ago, I was reading up on how many things in our homes are toxic to us from the Tylenol I had in our medicine cabinet, to the cleaners and air fresheners we use.

While researching, I came across learning about the power of essential oils….I just knew that there was a simpler way for medicines than what we use currently. Boy was I in for a surprise!

Essential oils come from what is all around us, plants, leaves, bark, trees, rinds of fruit etc. They are the basis of all our current medications. Which doctors, pharmacists, and healthcare providers know about, from their schooling. The molecular compounds of essential oils are so incredibly small they are able to penetrate through our skin and into our blood stream within 30 seconds. They can replace the synthetic version of what we currently use now such as, pain relievers, anti-inflamatory’s, cough medicines, skin ointments, and joint creams safely. They are powerful, potent and very effective without any side effects. Essential oils cannot be patented because they are naturally occurring.


Most essential oils have anti-bacterial properties and are all anti-microbial, so I can safely clean my house with many of them. Just a couple drops of my favorite scents in a spray bottle of water and there I have my countertop, floor, and multipurpose cleaner. Lemon, orange and grapefruit are fantastic in my laundry, garbage disposal, and natural air deodorizers.


All essential oils have therapeutic benefits, when used right from the bottle; they have numerous health benefits from helping to alleviate colds, flu’s, arthritis, ADHD, pain, headaches, sleeplessness, etc. With little research for what your ailment is, you will surely find what will work for you. My favorite essential oils for my family are melaleuca, lavender and clove. Melaleuca is great for zapping pimples for my teenagers, lavender for healing skin wounds, bug bites and burns, and clove for getting rid of airborne pathogens and boosting our immune systems.

COOKING: *a note of caution, only certain brands of essential oils are safe to ingest*

When cooking or baking, essential oils can be used to give 100% natural flavors that are richer and more satisfying in foods. If the essential oil is not heated in food, you can eat/drink the therapeutic benefits as well plus have the confidence that you’re getting natural flavoring. One of my favorites is brownies with a little bit of peppermint or a dash of lime on my popcorn. When cooking with spiced essential oils, such as basil, thyme, oregano, be sure to use a toothpick amount due to the potency of these oils.

Discover & experience the life changing benefits, you will be glad you did!


Written by Rebecka Sando of Spirit Lake, Idaho

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