Meditation My Way


I accidentally meditated today!  I’m one of those type A people that goes a hundred miles an hour, inside and out, so meditating has always been a challenge for me.  Sitting still and not thinking about the chaos known as life feels like torture to me…I have places to go and people to see!   However, I do know that if I can master the art of meditation, because it’s so hard for me to do, I will find new successes in many areas of my life.  When I am able to find my way to meditation, I am left with a feeling of inner peace and power.  Who can’t use a little more of both of those!

Just remember that there is no defined, right or wrong way to meditate.  Most of us think mediation is this thing where you have to sit on the floor with your legs crossed and chant, while completely clearing your mind.  This is definitely a form of meditation, but not the only way.  Being still and freeing your mind to go where it NEEDS to go is the key!

This morning when my house was quiet and everybody was still sleeping, I was sitting with a warm cup of coffee and realized that I had just accidentally “lost” 10 minutes to the most amazing, mind wandering meditation.  I was outside of my body for awhile and able to let my brain sort through some things, the way that only my brain can do it.  It left me feeling amazing and wanting to share the benefits with everybody!  Let your mind wander and daydream!  I will definitely be planning more quiet, distraction free time for meditation my way!

Holly has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, has been certified through ACSM as a Health/Fitness Instructor and has been working in the wellness industry for over 15 years. 208.661.2220

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