staying healthy at work

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We’re all grateful for our jobs, but sitting at a desk for eight hours (sometimes more) a day, five days a week can make it tough to maintain a healthy and active routine. Unfortunately, it’s not something that most of us can avoid.


Here are some great tips for staying healthy and active at the office.

  1. Divorce the vending machine. Let’s be real, pretty much everything that comes out of a vending machine is crap. Sure it’s convenient, but it’s not healthy. Don’t even let it be an option.
  2. Pack your own snacks. Bags of nuts, dried fruit, and granola bars are all great options that won’t go bad in your desk.
  3. Drink water! Ditch the sugary sodas and juice and stick to the good stuff. Throw in some fresh lemon, lime, cucumbers, or even some berries for a little extra fun.
  4. Take hourly breaks. Set an alarm on your computer that reminds you to get up once an hour. Stand up, stretch, take a few steps, and get your blood flowing.
  5. Walk at lunch. Recruit a coworker or two and commit to taking a short walk at lunch instead of hanging out in the break room. Not only will you get some fresh air and vitamin D, you’ll have more energy to get you through the afternoon.
  6. Bring a healthy lunch. Instead of ordering out or opting for a microwave meal, plan ahead and pack something healthy. A good protein source, fresh veggies or salad, and a piece of fruit or leftovers from last night’s dinner are great and easy options.
  7. Be vocal about your good choices. Letting your coworkers know you are making healthy decisions will not only inspire them to do the same, but it will make them think twice about offering up temptations. Putting it out there will help keep you accountable.

Small changes can make a big difference!

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