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Is Yours Making The Grade?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is in regards to over the counter supplements. People will tell me that they found CoQ10 for $10 and why would they pay more. The reality is that not all supplements are created equal.

Did you know that if a company says there is 500mg of vitamin C that it may only have 100mg? Did you know that some companies will put food dye, wheat, gluten, and other fillers in them that may cause food allergies or be harmful to your health?

Did you now that some fish oils are contaminated with PCB’s or mercury? Did you know that herbs can be misidentified? Did you know that some of the oils used as a base for example in vitamin E are rancid?

Did you know that so called whole food vitamins may not actually be just food, many of these companies will add vitamins to to a food base (which may or may not be organic) or use hormone laden animal products.

What we strive for at Lakeside Holistic Health is to use companies that verify what they say is in a product is really in there. We look for companies who formulate products based on current research and who practice evidence based medicine. Why? because as a physician my first objective is to do no harm, my second is to use a product that will give me consistent safe results. Here is an example from one of our companies and how they have taken steps toward quality assurance. Every batch of raw material and finished product is independently tested for: bacteria, yeast, mold, authenticity – verifies identity the identity of each nutrient, potency – verifies potency claim on the label, chemical solvent residue, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aflatoxins – fungal toxins herbicide/pesticide/fungicide residue dioxins and PCB’s. The finished product is then tested for: label claim potency, microbiology contamination, and stability.

This is one example of what a good quality supplement company will do to ensure supplement safety and effectiveness. Please join us on facebook if you haven’t already for current information regarding our practice and natural medicine in the news.

If you have any questions about your current supplements please contact us for a consultation.

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