Want to Lose Weight?


Join a weight loss SUPPORT GROUP… because it works!

Ask anybody that’s participating in a group weight loss program why they are successful and they will most certainly say “SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY!” Researchers at Harvard confirmed in a study that the more group support sessions that a participant attended, the more weight they lost and the less weight they regained. The study found that the average weight loss among participants who attended the support group sessions was 20 lbs compared to 9 lbs for those who did not. That’s 225% better results!

Amy F B & A

REHAB is a very successful group weight loss program offered locally by an exercise physiologist, Holly Childers at Edge Fitness. This program is designed for significant, long-term weight loss through lifestyle change. Join this group of women who meet 3-5 days per week for support, accountability, workouts, nutrition planning, fun challenges and friendship!

Call 208.661.2220 for more information or to register for REHAB!

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