WEIGHTS Make You Bulky, Not Lean #MYTH


Listen up ladies! We don’t have near the amounts of natural testosterone running through our systems that men do which is why we CANNOT gain muscle like them…no matter how hard we workout (please note that there are a few women out there who were born producing slightly higher levels of testosterone, so they tend to look more muscular, but the professional women bodybuilders that you see are supplementing testosterone to look like that.) So work hard at lifting weights because muscle is your metabolism and the weight loss benefits of strength training far outweigh your chances of “bulking up”!

Miles is the Director of Content at North Idaho Wellness Magazine as well as a farmer in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. He's passionate about community, togetherness, food, and family. He writes about all the above and you can often find him at a cafe taping away on a keyboard. Email Miles with any questions you have - milest (at) gmail.com

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