Tips to Ease Your Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

There are many different types of allergens that can trigger allergy-like symptoms. From pollen and mold to other common substances, it’s important for people with allergies not only to take care during their downtime but also to enjoy themselves as much as possible even if they’re feeling unwell! Below are some tips for feeling better in any season.


  • Plan afternoon activities when you can. Pollen counts tend to peak in the morning, but the tree and grass pollen may be highest at nightfall. Wear a brimmed hat with wrap-around sunglasses for protection from both UV rays, as well as pesky bugs! Change into clean clothes once home.
  • Colorful plants in your yard that rely on pollination, such as daffodils, sunflowers, and roses, are less likely than others to trigger allergies. Make sure to take off your shoes and gloves before going inside.


  • Avoid pesky, irritating barbecue or campfire smoke. If it’s blowing in your direction, sit upwind and keep a safe distance away so that irritation doesn’t set into your lungs or eyes. If s’mores are planned, ask someone else to toast the marshmallow so you can avoid getting too close to the fire.
  • Chlorine in pools can irritate the skin, causing allergy-like symptoms and a less enjoyable experience. Take steps to avoid over-chlorinated water or be sure to rinse yourself off after swimming.


  • Keep yourself safe from pollen while mowing and raking leaves by wearing a well-fitting mask and gloves. This will help block out all those pesky allergens. Your grass will produce less pollen if it is kept shorter in the summer and fall months.
  • This is the time of year for holiday decorating. Clean dust and mold off all the indoor trimming before putting them in place. Choose to use unscented flameless candles instead of traditional scented ones and skip air fresheners—they can be bothersome when you have allergies or other respiratory problems (not just during fall).


  • It is important to exercise in moderately cold weather because it can help reduce inflammation and ease allergy symptoms. When the thermometer is between 22-48 degrees, this type of sport becomes even more beneficial for your health!
  • The pollen and mold from plants can be carried into your home on fresh greenery and trees. If this type of natural greenery is what you prefer for decorating, make sure to rinse them off before bringing them inside.
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