The Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

The Benefits of Juice Cleansing

You’re feeling sluggish, craving junk food, skin issues are arising like
eczema, acne, or dry skin, struggling with weight gain, or maybe can’t
ditch that water retention? These are all common symptoms of a toxic
diet! Coming off the Holiday junk food and bad habits can be tough but
giving your body a reset through a juice cleanse is a great way to combat
those symptoms. Some of the many benefits are:

  • Help your liver detox
  • Give your digestive system a break and allow it to heal
  • More easily absorbed nutrition
  • Helps your body to slim down and have more energy

Lets go into a bit more detail on the benefits of trying a juice cleanse!

So how can a juice cleanse help detox your liver? Every molecule of
food moves through the liver for detoxification so that it can enter the
rest of the body, but since there are so many toxins we are exposed to it
can easily overwhelm the liver allowing unchecked molecules to enter
which can cause problems with your cells. While on a juice cleanse your
liver is able to have some much needed rest so when you are back to
eating your normal food it is able to function better.
Like the liver while doing a juice cleanse your digestive system is getting
a little time off which can be used to heal gut or digestive issues you
may be struggling with. A juice cleanse can also improve digestion by
introducing healthy enzymes and more nutrients that make the gut
work more efficiently and allow it to repair itself.

Who doesn’t want to loose a few lbs? A juice cleanse is a great way to
naturally lose weight. Some of this is water bloat, but also some is fat. It
is a great way to help control appetite and cravings, which is so helpful
after the holidays or a season where you may have been splurging a bit
too much. As you are naturally lowering your calorie intake you are still

supplying the body with concentrated beneficial energizing and healing
Raise your hand if you could use a little extra energy? Unless you are a
toddler, I am guessing your answer was yes! After the first day’s
adjustment period (mostly coffee/alcohol cessation symptoms), most
people begin to feel much more energy and clarity while on a juice
cleanse, even more than how they felt while drinking caffeine. I’d say
that in itself is worth giving a juice cleanse a try.
Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals so drinking
juices and getting that extra nutrition could help boost your overall
health. Since juice is from raw fruits and vegetables they are able to
retain more nutrients, although cooked food is great, the heating
process does result in loss of some important vitamins like some B

A fun added bonus to trying a juice cleanse is, you may find out you have
been eating food that doesn’t sit quite right with your body. While
cleansing you are no longer consuming dairy, wheat, gluten, alcohol,
and caffeine. These are all common trigger foods you may not even
realize could be causing your body some problems. Eliminating, and
then reintroducing can give you a better understanding of what your
body is craving and what It could use a little less of.

With all these amazing benefits of juice cleansing we know you are are
probably ready to get started! Great news, you can pre-order your juice
cleanse from The Wellness Bar today! 1, 2, or 3 day cleanse ready in 24
hours. Options to customize your cleanse are available and delivery
available for your convenience as well! Thank you so much for taking the
time to read our post all about the benefits of trying a juice cleanse.

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